About Me


When I was pregnant with my first child, I knew I wanted to have a natural birth, but looking back now, I realize how little I knew about the nature of childbirth. How it is about trusting in yourself and knowing it is an intuitive process. I watched all the Birth Stories on television, every video I could get my hands on and read every birth book on the bookstore shelves. I followed my baby’s progress and knew everything there was to know…or so I thought.

While I thought I had prepared myself academically and knew the physical nature of birth was going to be “labored” I wasn’t prepared emotionally. My daughter decided to come 3 weeks early so all I thought I knew went out the window and I was left to the care of the Doctors involved. Scared and clueless I let them control my birth and did EVERYTHING they suggested. After 4 days of labor, my birth teamed (doctors) began the discussion of a C-section. Happily, I did deliver vaginally but had I had a doula or educated support person advocating specifically for me, helping me navigate the options, my birth would have gone very different. My daughter was born healthy with minor complications, so all turned out well, but I vowed any future births would be on my terms if at all possible.  My point is, interventions (I had them all) robbed me of what my body intuitively knew what to do. It quickly became clear that because of self doubt and the pressure of  “What’s best”  from the doctors, I had allowed myself to be directed into a very clinical birth the first time around. I didn’t empower myself to trust my body and what it was made to do. Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets from my first birth and the doctors were doing their job and what they thought best for both me and my baby; and the outcome was my healthy baby daughter. I completely understand that medical intervention is sometimes necessary, but had I known there were options my birth might have been different from the very beginning.

My second and third births were very different. Both were natural and included a midwife and a doula, even though both were at hospital. With my second and third births my body, pregnancy and birth became more than just a condition of my body; I saw it as a complete physiological process that I could welcome with an open mind, spirit, and body. I was able to understand not only what I needed to do, but I now had the confidence in my ability to do it, and the support I needed as well.

Labor will take you above and beyond what you ever thought possible, it will tear down your preconceptions and guide you to the depths of the unknown. There you will find strength, trust and surrender. It will deliver you to your ancestral wisdoms of those that came before and hold you in love and compassion. You are the knowing of body and babe and you must travel to the ethers and bring your baby back. They will follow but you must lead for you are the core and the beacon of light that reveals the path that is birth…Rebecca

My passion is to share how truly empowering one’s birth experience can be! To help navigate the unknown and offer education from my own experiences both personal and professional.  Providing full awareness of how many options one has within their own birth plan and especially in pain management and if complications arise. I want the families I care for to know their options, so that they can decide what is right for them. Birth is the beginning of an amazing journey. It is about learning your strengths and empowering yourself to trust in your body and your baby. It is knowing you are capable of great things.

What a blessed life I have, accompanying families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. There is nothing more beautiful than holding space as one surrenders to the power that is birth, to overcome any fears or push past doubt to embrace and welcome their new little love. This is love in labor.

I find myself time and time again, in sheer awe of the birthing journey, from conception to birth to postpartum. Every parent-to-be transforming through this right of passage. I am so honored to bear witness to this beautiful process. Families finding themselves on the other side of what they were as individuals. Becoming a parent and creating a family. I am truly blessed and filled with love and admiration at every birth.

I can’t imagine doing anything else… With Love and Gratitude Always

I am super excited to be teaming up with Aly Sidjakov from Family Focus Doula Care.

Supporting each other to give the best possible care to you and your growing family.


My heart is filled with gratitude for my family who make themselves available at a moment’s notice. This allows me to tend to my doula families when I’m needed…Thank you! Being a doula is my passion and I am fortunate to have their support to ‘doula’ what I love to do.

I have been fascinated with birth since childhood and my curiosity intensified while in college. I grew up in the country taking care of animals and witnessing birth. One of my best childhood memories includes staying up late at night with a mama dog as she whelped her pups. Those experiences taught me how magical, yet ordinary life can be.

The experience that cemented my decision to become a doula was the birth to my first baby. I became aware of those around me during this special moment, and how they made me feel. I will never forget my husband supporting me with his body weight, along with my midwives’ knowing and reassuring smile. The love and encouragement I received made me feel safe, and capable, not just in birthing but also in caring for my baby as a new mother.  Providing this sense of honor, respect and belief to the families I serve is profoundly important and that is why I became a doula.

You can contact Aly directly at https://www.familyfocus-doulacare.com/meet-aly